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A taste of history and your own little "getaway!"

A taste of history and your own little "getaway!"


About Route Spirits


A taste of history and your own little "getaway!"

Route Spirits is a Chicago based spirits company committed to creating unique and delectable brands that connect you to the history and lore of spirits produced from Prohibition to the present. Passages from where liquor traveled, was enjoyed or produced inspire each brand that is carefully crafted for your enjoyment. Through our passion to connect spirits, people and the stories in between we hope that you'll enjoy our products responsibly with friends and family while enjoying a little "getaway" yourself!

Now introducing our first batch of Route 12 Straight Rye. Learn more below!



Route 12 Straight Rye Whiskey (launched Nov 2018) is a beautiful 94 proof straight rye whiskey aged over 30 months. It expresses notes of vanilla, allspice, a hint of cinnamon and charred oak. It is an unfiltered rye offering you more flavor and quite smooth at 47% ALC/VOL. This is great for making cocktails like Manhattans, Old Fashions, Whiskey Sours, etc. It can also be quite enjoyable on a rock or with a couple drops of water. However you drink it, "every sip offers you a taste of history and your own little getaway!" Coming to IN and IL in November and MI in December 2018.


News & Events


Route 12 Straight Rye Whiskey Tasting


Route 12 Straight Rye Whiskey Tasting will present a taste of whiskey Neat and a taste of it used in a Manhattan!!


Route Spirits to attend Pour Your Heart Out


Please join The Anti-Cruelty Society for our sixth annual elegant evening of spirits and socializing. Showcasing wine, beer, and spirits tastings at Chicago's timeless Union League Club, Pour Your Heart Out, is one of the Society's signature events.



Want to discuss media opportunities or tasting events? We’d love to hear from you!